About Velowood Cyclery

Velowood Cyclery was formed in 2011 with a simple premise: to build the most beautiful, practical and customizable bikes on the market. Each bike is designed by its rider and then built by hand in Denver, Colorado. We'll walk you through every step of designing a bicycle that fits your needs and your personality.

We are located between the Tattered Cover and Twist & Shout on Colfax Avenue. Walk between those two and you'll find us directly across from the entrance to the Sie Film Center.

Phone Number: (303) 339-0085

Hours of Operation: Daily 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Meet the Team

  • Josh

    The Legend of Josh

  • Josh is the head mechanic at Velowood Cyclery. He has worked in several shops across Denver along with having experience as a courier. Among other things, Josh likes to hang out in high places.

    If you've got a question on bikes, Stringing things together or just talking for a long time, Josh knows whats up.

  • Victor

    Owner. Bike Obsessed

  • Victor’s phone manners are exceptional even when people think his name is Richard. He’s a passionate advocate of Jazz and Swing dance and music, and performs in and out of town.

    A Colorado native far removed for many years, Victor lived around the world in the navy for 21 years and retired in 2007. He has a long-standing commitment to small business, the vacant savings to prove it, and wouldn’t consider having it any other way.

    Victor helps crop the pictures, run the business part, and share our story with our friends and fans all over the world. He built his first bike when he was 13, apprenticed at Bike and Hike in Longmont, CO, and builds more bikes for his friends than himself. He’s been riding and commuting by bicycle for longer than he can remember.

    Victor is the only staffer who has owned 3 bike shops.

  • Blake

    He Bleeds Blood

  • You'll find Blake playing bass, designing posters or catching the latest movie.

    His passion for writing music and performing everywhere from downtown to the mountains has caused him to be in several bands over the past couple years. His graphic design background lends a hand to creating logos, websites and posters for his various projects or making commissions for others.

  • Kara

    Bike Nomad

  • Kara works at Velowood as the sales floor Master and mechanic apprentice. After being a photographer for nearly a decade in the Midwest her passion in cycling led her out west. In the last two years Kara has ridden in a dozen states, traveling by bike or with her bike, connecting with cycling communities throughout the country.

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