Below, you will find our labor menu. This will give you pricing on the basics, but we can perform any labor or bicycle repair.
The process for getting labor that will allow us to give you an accurate estimate of cost and turn-around time is as follows:

Bring your bike in. You may know exactly what’s going on with your bike, but we really want to see it in person before we make plans.

Hang out for 5 or 10 minutes while we assess your bike. You can tell us how it’s working and what you want from it. We can tell you what work it needs, how much that would cost, and when we’d get it back to you.

Reach an agreement with us on price and turnaround time. As long as we’re sending your bike out the door in safe working order, we are happy to scale back our recommended labor to reduce cost. We often judge that you’ll get better value by getting a bit more work done, and we sometimes recommend not putting more money into a bike that won’t give you good value on your investment. At the end of the day, though, it’s your bike. As long as it’s safe, we’ll do what you want and are willing to pay for.

– Labor Appointments. You do not need to make an appointment to have your bike assessed. In the busy time of year (roughly March to October), we may not have time to do the work needed on your bike for a week or so. We try not to let wait times exceed a week, but a couple times a season it may happen.

Tune-Ups and Bike repair


Estimates for repair are free, please drop in and allow us to evaluate what sort of service best fits you and your bicycle.

Standard Tune $90

Drive train is cleaned and lubricated, derailleur, brakes, and bearings are adjusted and wheels are trued. Parts and Part installation will incur additional labor costs.

We aim to get your bike back to you clean and in great working order!

  • complete saftey check
  • tires inflated to pressure

Comprehensive Tune $140

This is the best price of all, it includes over $400 of labor. With this service labor to install tires, tubes, spokes, BB, and crankset is included with price of the tune. If needed wheels are also Re-tensioned and trued . We perform a standard tune up in addition to setting up your bike with new brake cables, shift cables, and cable housing as necessary. After this service your bike will perform like new.

  • wheels Re-tensioned
  • all items in basic tune
  • any and all parts installation

Hourly Labor Rate is $65/hour